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Plov, osh - Uzbek cuisine

Uzbek plov (palov) is the meal of real connoisseurs of the Eastern cuisine. None of the events in Uzbekistan is held without cooking plov (palov). The Uzbek national cuisine has more than 100 recipes of Uzbek palov, and the technology of its preparation has been perfect for many years. Each region of Uzbekistan is characterized by its method of cooking Uzbek plov (palov). In Uzbekistan there is the ancient legend about origin the word “plov (palov) osh”, it is connected to Abu Ali ibn Sino. Long ago the prince fell in love with a beautiful young girl from the poor family. He suffered that could not get married to her. The prince began to wane, he refused to eat meal and water. Then his father invited the famous healer Abu Ali ibn Sino and asked him to find out the reason and recover his heir.

Uzbek somsa

Today samsa is made with meat (lamb, chicken, beef) with vegetables (pumpkin, potatoes, onions), as well as with mushrooms, eggs, peas, greens and even sweet fillings. The final wizard taste of Uzbek samsa are spices that enrich the taste of the filling. They are zira, black and red pepper and sesame seeds.


No one can count how many hundreds of centuries is the dish called «shashlik». It is believed that as soon as Prometheus gave fire to all the nations, all of them at once learned to do shashlik, but all in their own way. It is known that in ancient Rome, and ancient Greece animals and birds were roasted wholly and dividing into separate parts. Of course, shashlik, in the first place — the invention of nomadic cattle-breeders. Despite the distinction of names in different nations, the point is one — skewer and meat. Much water has flowed under the bridges since then. Eras, borders, customs were changing, haute cuisine was born, in which the aesthetics took up of satiety and practicality. Many recipes were forgotten and some completely forgotten, but not shashlik.

Napoleon cake

Napoleon cake is one of national desserts made with up to 16 layers of crispy pastry filled with creamy custard. It resembles French mille-feuille but with more layers of alternating custard and pastry. Exact recipes can vary a bit from cook to cook—this Napoleon cake recipe yields a 10-layer cake to save a little time and avoid the potential pitfalls of a taller confection.